Thursday, October 31, 2013


Tetris blocks don't just 
          "fall into place"
  all on their own.
         They need to be rotated
and moved from side to side
                     and stacked just right
to get every
                thing to work.
I used to think
            I was pretty good at the game.
    Still, I handed the controller off 
        to someone else. 
   Someone who is now saying
                                        "Ooohhh, watch what I can do!"
                            and I'm holding my breath
           as the blocks pile up
   without order or rhyme or reason.
      Trying to remind myself
I handed the controller off to Him
    because He knows the next 247 blocks
       because He knows what is going to happen 
          because He put the blocks there Himself.
And when it all comes together
and the lower layers disappear
I'm going to be glad I handed
     it off to Him...
Right now I'm still holding my breath.

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