Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Yeah, He's Giggling...

I don't believe in coincidences
So when life seems to line up events
that make me say
"What in the, seriously?!?"
I am pretty sure God is giggling.

When my computer crashes
and I go to bed tired and upset
because of all that is lost
and I wake up to a daily devotional
about how God helps us find lost things.
I am pretty sure God is giggling.

When I pray that He helps
get the computer to open
just one time, just to get my files saved,
and it opens... exactly that way
files won't open, but they will transfer.
I am pretty sure God is giggling.

When I ask Him where I should go
so I don't waste time driving all over
and when I get there
the new hard drive is half price
due to a stocking error.
I am pretty sure God is giggling.

There is no ridicule or poking fun at me in His giggle...
It reminds me of the giggly way I feel
when I have a surprise for someone I love
and I know they have no idea what is coming next
even though I know it is going to be awesome.

When I surprised my mom
by showing up on Mother's Day
just an hour after texting her
"In church, call ya in a bit."
I giggled.

The day my oldest told me I was the worst mom ever
standing just feet from the closet
where her Taylor Swift tickets were hidden,
waiting for Christmas a few years ago...
I giggled. (And signed her gift Love, the worst mom ever)

When my youngest announced her grandios birthday plans
and I suggested that instead she could skip school
for a birthday lunch at ChuckECheese
with her best friend who will be in town soon
and I saw her face light up, "Thank you Mommy! I love you!"
I giggled.

As I'm busying myself, digging ditches
and doing the work I need to do
to bring the blessings He wants to send...
His surprises, reminders that He loves me,
even in the midst of trials
always remind me that He cares...
and not just enough to say "Oh yeah, I can do that for her today..."
but enough to have planned it perfectly in advance.

So on days when I think He is so far away... He giggles because He already knows about how I'm going to be surprised by how close He really is very soon.

And on days when I'm angry, asking Him how He could do this to me... He giggles because, like a child, I have become self-centered and the next surprise will likely be a tiny bit humbling, and at the same time exactly what I have been wanting.

And on days when, out of the blue, He surprises me with something that tells me, "I know you well enough to know exactly what you need and want right now, even if you think it is something else." and all I can say, "Thank you Jesus! I love you!"
He is giggling... because He knew all along.

But whoever listens to me will live in safety
    and be at ease, without fear of harm.
Proverbs 1:33

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