Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Trust Me

My devotional this morning
made me smile
because it said the words
"trust Me as I fight for you."
I have written those words so often,
asking Him to fight for me
telling Him I need to feel the fight
begging Him to let me see the fight
but when I read those words
I was reminded
that trust doesn't necessarily include
feelings or sight.
When it does, there is less need for trust.

In the last month
God has come through for me
so many times
on so many different levels
and when I look back
the times that I remember,
the times that made the most impact,
the times where I said,
"Wow, that was good...
You should be God!"
(You know, as opposed to trying to take the role myself)
Those times were the times
where I had surrendered completely.

For the longest time
I have put my trust in humans.
They rarely deserved it.
Sometimes the human I put my trust in
was myself.
I almost always regretted it.
But He has shown me time and again
that I will never regret trusting Him.

I'm feeling anxious this morning
and I don't really know why.
It doesn't matter though
because I've already chosen
to trust
that He is fighting for me.

I can't wait to see what happens next.

Laura Story - I Can Just Be Me (Official Lyric Video) from laura-story on GodTube.

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