Friday, November 1, 2013

I still love You

I want you to know
I still love You.
I get that everything
that happens is important
in some way,
whether it is important
to me or to someone else.
I get that You are in charge
of the universe.
So You get to make the decisions,
not me.
I'm okay with that too.
I'm not that good at it.
It's all Yours.
The reason I'm telling You this?
I don't want there to be any mistake
about the fact that I love You when I say
I just don't like You very much at the moment.

You aren't supposed to love like anyone else.
Your love is supposed to be different.
But I've been here before
and it feels the same.
This relationship got serious and
I told You everything I have is Yours.
I told You I would do whatever You want me to do.
You just have to be really, really clear...
and then You stopped talking to me.
Why? I'll probably never know...
     that's how you guys do things.
No, You don't owe me anything.
Not even answers.

I still love You. I just don't like You right now.
When You decide to talk to me again
I'll be here waiting. I'm not going anywhere.
Supposedly, I'm doing great...
but please just don't wait too much longer,
because I can't hold all of this together on my own.
Who am I kidding? "All of this?"
I can't even hold myself together on my own.

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