Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Still moving along

I have come a long way
in the last couple of years,
I really do know this.
That doesn't mean circumstances
don't deflate me at times.
I'm human, and it turns out
I don't actually have
any amazing super powers!
I was discussing with a friend
why some things don't seem
to be going my way...
feeling like I must be
doing something wrong,
but I don't really know what,
when I got a phone call.
The caller said she heard
what a great speaker I am
and asked me to come speak
to her group in September.
In the middle of feeling frustrated,
God reminded me, yet again,
that I don't have to have become perfect,
or know everything
for Him to use me to reach others.

It doesn't mean the situations
I am dealing with are fixed.
I don't feel better about them.
I don't know why God isn't
taking control, fixing me or
telling me how to fix myself.
But I also know His plans for me
are not at a standstill while
He waits for me to figure it all out.

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