Wednesday, June 4, 2014


One of the worst parts
of being a single mom
is that nobody in the house
cares when you are sick.

A cold, some extra stress,
and an argument with a friend
catapulted me into the worst
migraine I have ever had.

Although, to be fair,
I think I've only ever
had a migraine once before.

I couldn't open my eyes,
or move or talk without
having to work to keep
myself from throwing up.

Every time I fell asleep,
one of the kids yelled
and startled me awake.

I got up long enough
to order them pizza
then went back to bed
and cried and prayed.

Why do I have to keep
doing this all alone? I asked.
The only thing cared about
when mom is sick
is does this mean she won't
be able to cook us dinner?

Out of nowhere D came over
sat on my bed, stroked my hair,
and said, "You look like death."

Seriously God?
This is the answer to my prayer,
this man who broke my heart more
than once in the last several months?

But the concern in his eyes was real.
And he would have done anything
to make me feel better at that moment.

We talked for awhile and I managed
to get up and eat some dinner.
I even laughed a couple times.
He ran interference with the kids
and helped keep things calm for a bit.

Sometimes it just takes
knowing someone cares
to make things a little better.

The visit itself didn't mean anything
in the long term scheme of things. 
We are not getting back together.
He is moving away in a few weeks.
But he was here when I needed someone
to care... and it was much appreciated.

While I know a relationship
isn't going to be all about me
I look forward to the day when
having someone care when I'm sick,
which thankfully is a very rare occurrence, 
isn't due to a coincidental visit.

The migraine is long gone,
still dealing with the rest,
and life just keeps moving forward.

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