Thursday, May 30, 2013

Holding on to boundaries and character

I saw this on Facebook today and I just love it... It perfectly describes where I am right now.

Dream of what you might accomplish for God. Expect that He will test your character and resolve.

"Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the Lord tested Joseph's character." -Psalm 105:19

Today an ex tried to friend me on Facebook.

I nicely told him, "No."

He called me "bitter."

I told him this... "Not bitter at all. Just moved on....Honestly... I don't want to look at my future husband and say... 'Oh that facebook friend? Yeah... he's seen me naked too...' I'm getting much better at boundaries. .. we don't need to interact every day on FB to prove we aren't bitter."

Why am I blogging this? It's not really a big deal, right? I mean, he did some awful things to us... not the least of which was orchestrating a scenario where I walked in on him with another woman (while I had been making dinner for the rest of the family upstairs)... So who would EVER add someone like that as a friend? Who would give them an opening where they could try to wiggle back in to my life?

The old me. The one who was more concerned about hurting other people's feelings than standing up for herself. Thank the Lord she is gone...

I've been failing that character test for too long. Not because I don't have a good character, but because I haven't been using it correctly. I wrote this today because this is what happened today, but since something started changing in my heart several months ago, a few other exes have attempted to come back into my life.

When this all started, I was still feeling the empty loneliness that I used as the excuse to make bad decisions in the past. I was praying that God please not let any exes hit on me because I wasn't sure that I was strong enough...

It turns out that I am.

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