Friday, March 4, 2016

James Corden said what?

We stood in line at the James Corden Show, knowing there was a chance we wouldn't get in. To make sure the studio is full, they overbook seats, and we were a few minutes later than we meant to be.

CBS Studios Selfie

I think James is great, but it is Alexandra who has been the fan since before I had ever heard his name. So, when they told us there was only one seat left in the theater, there was no Rock, Paper, Scissors for the seat. It was all hers.

Nobody would have blamed me if I was sulky and pouty and grouchy as she walked through that gate, and I have to admit, I was tempted... But I know better. God always amazes me when I trust Him instead of being disappointed.

CBS Studios
As I walked from CBS Studios to The Grove, passing several studio exits and entrances along the way. I thought to myself, "God always turns things like this around some way. Who knows what could happen. Maybe someone from one of these studios will come out a pull me in for a makeover!" I laughed to myself as my imagination took hold of all the things that "might" happen.

Needless to say, I was not pulled into a studio as I walked by, but the thought made me smile anyway and I continued on towards the popular shopping center.

The Grove
The Grove was beautiful. Lots of stores and food and happy people. With a couple of hours to kill, I decided to check out some stores I had never been to before.

Nordstrom's? Why not? I probably wouldn't be able to afford anything inside, but browsing would be fun.

A few feet inside the door I paused to look at a makeup display. Immediately a woman behind the sign called out to me.

"Do you want to sit down?"

"Umm..." I realized it wasn't just a makeup display. There was a long row of tall chairs and side tables set up down the center walk-way.

"Really!" She said, "Sit down and let us give you a makeover. Sit there. I'll go get someone."

I sat down, baffled. Really God? You know I was just trying to make light of the situation, right? Is this actually happening? I mean, I didn't even ask...

A moment later a beautiful young woman came out and introduced herself to me. Maxine was a professional make-up artist, who helped out with events like this when they needed her. And that day, they did!

As she went through all the steps, we talked about why I was in California and what had happened at the James Corden Show. I told her that I was so happy Alexandra got in, and here I was, getting my makeup done by a professional. I was even able to tell her about Hire A Housewife and share my testimony about going from homelessness to where I am now at the same time. It was an amazing blessing!

When she finished, I thanked her  and she thanked me for sharing so much. I went to browse the store and even stopped for a selfie so that I could tweet about the great experience later.

^ I Tweeted about it later and Nordstrom's responded! 

As I walked out of the store, thinking about where to go next, my phone rang. Alex.

"Are you still close? James Corden said he wants them to find you a seat here."

"What!?! Are you serious?" 

"Yes! Someone is going to meet you at the front gate where you left me... and I think I'm going to be on TV."

"I'm on my way."

In retrospect, I should have taken a taxi those 4 blocks. Instead, I walked as quickly as my high-heeled boots would let me. Still I reached the front gate in what had to be record time and, sure enough, someone from the show was waiting for me. 

He tried to get me into the studio as quickly as possible, but security kept stopping us and checking my pass and my ID. As we walked he explained that Alexandra was actually in a segment and it came up that I hadn't been able to get in... so James told her they would fix it. 

People kept saying as I walked in, "This is mom?" and responding excitedly when it was confirmed. "I love it!" said one. And, "Awesome!" said another.

Alexandra was waiting for me in the back. We sat there for a segment as they were waiting for a commercial break to take us in. As we watched the guests talking, we looked around at the photos of all the stars who had been on the show... 

"Look! Zachary Levi!" I said, before pointing out a few more. 

Alex told me to shhh, and then a few seconds later we were being taken to our seats.

We had great seats for the last two or three segments of the show. We saw AWOLNATION, who was much better than I expected. Corden's house band and their leader Reggie Watts was fantastic! Great music and made us all laugh. The entire experience was fun and exciting. 

There were no phones allowed on inside the studio, so I didn't get any photos in there. I tried on the way out the door, but security told us to keep moving, so this is all I got there... 

Alex was supposed to be in this too... Oh well, I tried.
We waited outside to get a great pic though. Some other fans took pics for us and we took pics for them.

As Alexandra and I walked away, I told her, "We have to get back to Uncle Peter and the other kids... but I wish we had time to stop in and tell Maxine what happened! She'd be so happy for us!"

At that moment, I got a text from my son, Isaac. "We will meet you at The Grove."

We had time to go find her after all.

As Alexandra and I walked towards Nordstrom's she asked me, "Why us? Did this happen because we put together those care packages for the homeless today?"

I admit, I started to tear up thinking about that question... "No. Things like this happen because He loves us. Nothing we do makes Him love us more or less or want to bless us more or less."

I didn't say it then, but I keep thinking about that question. I honestly believe many of our blessings are about attitude and faith. Faith that God is going to do something we don't expect, and having a good attitude about it no matter what. 

We made it to see Maxine and I made introductions, told her what happened, and shared hugs all around. It was a perfect ending to the whole experience.

Peter and the kids met us shortly thereafter and we sat and talked before heading to our hotel for the night. 

Even though we had to be up early for Disney, I set an alarm to wake me up to see the Late Late Show with James Corden... and this is what I saw... 

<3 She did fantastic. I so love that girl!
Don't tell anyone, but she's my favorite oldest daughter ever! 

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