Monday, September 22, 2014

Reminding myself

Yesterday, as I was driving up a hill, my transmission quit working properly. I babied it the remainder of the trip, and it now seems to be working okay, although it has slipped a few more times while driving.

Researching car values and considering the possibility of having to try to trade it in before it is gone completely, I started to worry. I can't afford a tune-up, much less a rebuilt transmission. I started to think that maybe a dealership would be able to get me into something else. I would be upside down on the loan, I'm sure... and deeper in debt. But I would have a car that works. But is that what God really wants for me?

This morning, getting ready to go speak to a great group of women, a thought popped into my head. What happened to the extravagant faith I've been talking about? Where is the fool in me who is supposed to ignore logic and reason and numbers and just have faith that before time began, God knew my transmission was going to give me problems and I was going to turn to Him for help?

Faith is the opposite of logic. Living by faith doesn't come naturally. I have to remind myself constantly that this is what I should be doing... and not just with the big things... with the little things too.

"God please don't let me forget to pick up dinner before 5."
"Please Lord, help me remember to schedule that doctor's appointment today."
"Lord, help me keep my 'umms' to a lower number today than last time I spoke."
"God, please put the words that someone needs to hear in my heart... 
and give me the courage to speak them."

I think I'll try this prayer... "Hey, God? Could you remind me to walk by faith if I forget today? This being human stuff is harder than You think..." So thankful for His mercy and grace today... and very much looking forward to sharing how He works out my transmission problem. :-)

For we walk by faith, not by sight.
~2 Corinthians 5:7

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