Sunday, August 17, 2014


This guy I knew a long time ago emailed me earlier this week.
I told him I knew he was only after
one thing and he was not going
to be getting it from me... 
     that I'm a different girl now... 
          and I sent him on his way.

Then you basically tell me you want the same things from me... 
     except you live so far away now.

You talk about coming back for me... but admit it would be next year, if at all.
Careful to tell me not to wait, you still throw it out there as a 'what if.'

I tell myself what you want is different 
     than what the other guy wanted, 
        Why? Because I love you... but really it's not fair. 
You had so many opportunities to love me, and you didn't take them. 
Don't tell me how much you regret it now that you are gone.
Don't talk about what 'maybe' could have happened if.
Don't talk about what 'maybe' could happen in the future.

I deserve someone who wants all of me... forever.

I deserve someone who knows how to love me back.

Not just someone who wants to send me sweet text messages
that mean nothing when applied to real daily life.

And I want to tell you to stop. 

But I don't want you to stop. 

Because sometimes a text message 
that makes me feel wanted
feels better than loneliness.
Which makes me wonder if
maybe I'm not a different girl after all.

I know I talk too much. 
You don't want to know any of this. 
You just want me to tell you to stop or don't,
because you said you'd stop if I told you to.

Don't stop.

And I can't help but wonder if this is a test.
Maybe this is the time I'm supposed to make the right choice
and God will decide I'm ready for something else...
or maybe I'm fooling myself with this as well...
     or setting myself up for defeat... 
          because I will never make the right choice every time.
One right choice followed by another followed by maybe even one more... eventually followed by a lot of stupidity... and then I have to start all over again. And anyone who read my last blog post is saying, "This doesn't sound like the girl who was practicing thankfulness and praying over her list."

Three steps forward 
and 2.5 steps back.
Welcome to my life.

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