Monday, March 24, 2014

how it should be

cards and flowers for birthdays
and anniversaries and sometimes
for the reason of ‘just because,’
going to church together,
celebrating holidays, enduring
each other’s families, and
finding the laughter in it all.

be here for me when i’m tired and
i need help or am hurting
and i’ll do the same for you
and if we happen to be tired, hurting or
need help at the same time
we’ll know Who we can rely on

someday i want a ceremony and vows
but before we get there I have to know
your word means something to you
don’t make plans with me you don’t
intend to move heaven and earth to keep
and don’t say things to me you don’t mean

because when you decide you want
to stay, i want it to be forever, without
any chance or reason for you to go
before the sun rises and the kids are up
to see how a family is supposed to look

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