Sunday, June 16, 2013

The codependant person and "f" word


What is it about that word that ties me to people?

Go ahead...
Lie to me
steal from me
(just find some way to justify it)
make fun of me
belittle me
(you're just trying to help me be a better person)
ignore me
(you are busy, your life doesn't revolve around me)
yell at me
disrespect me
ignore my no
make sure I know my place

As long as you call me your friend... all will be forgiven.

It takes so much to break that tie, that very few have managed to do it. How to literally make me walk away from you and take the label of "friend" away...? So few have done it, I don't even know what to say there.

What is a "friend"? When did having friends become so important to me? Where did I learn or teach myself that anyone can be my friend regardless of their intentions or their actions?

I don't know. One more thing to explore on this journey into my self... admitting that I have a problem is one huge step towards finding the solution.

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