Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Guess what I'm doing

I'm writing a book. 

I know, 
everyone says
they want to write a book.

I've decided to take the steps to do it.
I'm taking a class to teach me how to get published.

I'm on the assignment 
where we come up with some titles
and some subtitles and ask friends what they think.

Whatever I decide to use
it will be my working title

I might not use it.
A publisher might boot it.
God might change my focus part way through
causing me to pick something else altogether.

I appreciate your help and your honesty. 

I have been hesitating because 
telling everyone makes it more real
and comes with a bit of accountability. 
I know many of you will be excited for me 
and want to know how things are coming along...

So, here is assignment #1--- 
tell me in the comments here 
or on Facebook 
or on Google+ 
or message me.

Which of these would you want to read?
If you have any other suggestions, I'll listen as well...
but I will probably go with one of these in some form or another.

1. Know Your Worth: Learning God wanted more for me than I wanted for myself.

2. Beyond Survival: Finding out that what God wants for me is better than I could have asked or imagined.

3. Bootstraps: How God saved me from myself

4. Bootstraps: How God intervened when I had sunk too deep

5. Bootstraps: How God intervened when I waded too deep

6. Bootstraps: Too deep in the mud to pull myself out, God intervened

Obviously I like "Bootstraps" It's based on this blog post:

Have questions?
Honestly, I don't have a lot of answers.
I don't have the full picture yet... but God is leading here
and that is the most important thing.